I felt that it is time to share what Life Christian Church has done for me over the past two years.  

Though we only sat under Pastor Sarah’s teaching a couple a short months before her move to Florida, it was her constant emphasis on this truth:  “I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus” that zapped me, and got me thinking about my true position a in Christ…that zapped me, and got me thinking about my true position a in Christ and what that means. (I am righteous! I am no longer condemned for me sins!)  I came to realize how much God loves me, and that He is not only in me but all around me and that I can experience personally His love upon me and that I can rejoice and be glad in it.  I was blown away by the amazing teachings of Pastor Tracy and Pastor Dino as well.  To think there were three powerful preacher/teachers in one place declaring truths that were hidden from me, (though I was born again for many, many years); well it was almost too good to be true!  I soaked it up and was loving the gospel of no condemnation and to know and believe that God is for me and not against me; He is with me and delights in me and has wonderful things in mind for me!  

On July 10, 2011 , when Pastor Dino was preaching in the Google It series and addressed the topic of Speaking in Tongues, I came to understand that it was not weird or of the enemy but it is an advantage and a way to let God pray His will through me in ways I did not even understand, but He did. I went forward and a Prayer Team member led me to the knowledge and experience that God has provided for his people and His purpose.  That launched me into a whole new world of faith and practice.  God is now so real in my life; He is everywhere and longs to speak to me and show me things for the benefit of His kingdom.  Worship has taken on a wonderful place of bringing His glory into my life.  
I enrolled in LBI and I was amazed to learn about my Spiritual Authority, and the ability to be victorious in life because Jesus won and passed on to us the challenge to truly be His voice and light on earth.  All of the First Year LBI classes were a blessing and I was so hungry for truth and teaching about how to live in Him and for Him, not just to serve Him from a position of guilt or religious tradition.  Many strongholds of religion have been broken in my life and I am free to be who He intended me to be all along.  
I am now so expectant and know that He is for me and with me and will show me and lead me into the righteous path He has chosen for me.  Glory to God.  My religious dynamic has changed to one of hearing from Him, and seeing Him work in so many ways. I see that the gospel of condemnation alienates believers from God and only serves the enemy.  Dreams and visions are a bonus that He bestowed upon me because He loves me so much. What a blessing and delight!  I want to love Him back and please Him in all my ways.  
Thank you Life Christian for the courage to unashamedly teach the truth!