Have you ever been faced with a situation that you didn’t see a way out of?  The key to finding victory in these situations is often by how we respond.  We know we have victory in Jesus!  Believe and receive is all we need to do.  I know sometimes it doesn’t seem so easy, doubt creeps in.  When these times arise, think of two words, “Remember” and “Speak”.  When in this situation the psalmist responded (ps. 77):  “I will remember the works of the Lord:  surely I will remember your wonders of old.  I will meditate also on all your work.  And talk of your doings” (vs 11-12).  That was what helped to encourage him and helped him to continue to believe in what God would do for him.  He remembered what God did for him in the past.  He mediated on it, and he spoke it.  By verses 13 and 14 he was saying, “who is so great a God as our God? You are the God who does wonders”.  His sudden turnaround happened because he made a decision to remember what God had already done for him in the past.  When doubt creeps in, remind yourself of God’s faithfulness.  Remember all the times when God showed up for you and made a way when there was no way.  He showed you that nothing was impossible for Him.  By reminding yourself of these things, you will strengthen your faith and push doubt out.  Paving the way for you to receive your Victory in Jesus!