Personal Success

Source_SliderPersonal success, man has developed many strategies, methods and techniques for achieving personal success. Most of those would fall under the self help category. In other words, what you need to do on your own in order to achieve a successful life.  Want to know a little secret? There is a much better and easier way than relying on yourself to enjoy a better life. I’m talking about relying on the one specifically sent by God to enable you to live the abundant life. In fact his name in Hebrew means “Savior”, as in sent to save you, I mean how much clearer can it be? “Jesus” the name says it all.  By relying on His finished work at the cross and not on yourself, you can tap into the source that will provide you with all you are looking for. Look at all the money you can save on self help books just by calling on His name. The secret to living a successful life lies upon us receiving all that Jesus accomplished at the cross. Well what if I don’t know what that is? How do I receive something, when I don’t know what there is to receive? The answer my friend is READ THE WORD, PRAY (talk to God), attend a Bible based church like Life Christian church, where they teach you the promises of God and how to apply them. Where you can attend a small group and build relationships with other believers, while exploring all God has for you. By being taught what God’s Grace really means and what a life changing event takes place when you understand it. Tap into those resources and you will be on your way to experiencing all God has provided for you. By relying on Him, the higher power (Psalm 1) you will reign in this life. It’s Guaranteed.