I’m Well Pleased With You

Dino_LasalaThat’s what Ephesians 1:6 means when it says, God made us accepted in the beloved. The word accepted means to receive with approval or favor. This tells us that God approves and favors us. Think about it. God made us accepted. We could not make ourselves accepted. God did it because He loves us and is well pleased with us.

Studies have shown that in the heart of every child is a cry for his father’s approval. Something happens when a father says to his son, “Dad is so proud of you.”

We can see a similar moment in the Bible when God the Father displayed His approval of His Son — “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” (Matthew 3:17) The Bible shows us that Jesus’ ministry began with the approval of the Father, even before He had performed any miracle.

Now, you may think that God would naturally say that of Jesus, but not of us. Friends let me let you in on a little 3 part secret:

  1. Jesus came for us and as us.

  2. Jesus died for us and as us.

  3. Jesus received the approval of the Father for us and as us.

Jesus came as our representative. WE ARE ACCEPTED IN THE BELOVED because of His finished work…not ours!

I believe God used the term “accepted in the beloved”  to show us He accepts us the same way He accepts His son. The same way God is pleased with Jesus, He is pleased with you!

God wants us to wake up every day knowing that we are His beloved, unconditionally loved, and wholly accepted.

The more we know how much we are loved by God, the more we can expect good things to happen in our lives.  What are you waiting for…surely goodness and mercy will follow you every day because He is well pleased with you!

Pastor Dino Lasala

Matt 6:33