God Answers Prayer

As we conclude the second week in our 21 days of prayer, I wanted to share some of the miraculous works of God we have experienced as a campus in prayer.  So far we have witnessed salvations, healings and the infilling of The Holy Spirit.  One testimony in particular stands out and I would like to share it with you.  I received a phone call requesting prayer for a six year old little girl that would be undergoing brain surgery the following morning.  I was told that she had a brain tumor that would require the removal of the front lobe of her brain.  That evening as we gathered for prayer, I made the request known and we lifted this little girl up in prayer.  Many prayed, but one request stuck with me that night. Someone had prayed specifically that “anything this girl’s brain contained that was not of the Lord, it die and fall off”.   Well, yesterday I received an update on that little girl.  When the surgeon spoke to the family after surgery, he explained the following.  He said that the portion of the brain that contained the tumor was dead and that it was separated by a jelly like substance from the rest of her brain. By removing that portion of the brain, the little girl would suffer no ill effects since that portion was already dead it wasn’t being used to perform any functions.  Praise God!  That little girl went home yesterday, able to do everything she was able to do prior to the surgery.  As I rejoiced, I remembered the specific request that was made that night at prayer. That anything in that brain that was not from the Lord, die and fall off.  Do you remember the surgeon telling the family that the portion of the brain which contained the tumor was dead and separated from the rest of her brain? Well I sure do, and it tells me that God answers prayer and that we can be specific in our requests.   He already paid the price for our healing.  He paid the price for us to enjoy the abundant life.  He paid for it all with His finished work.  So go confidently to Him with your needs, there is no problem bigger than our God.  And remember God is no respecter of persons, we are all His children.  God sees us all the same.  Perfect like His Son Jesus.  I encourage you to remember this testimony the next time the enemy tries to put that bit of doubt in your head.  God answers prayer, bring your requests to Him.  He will never leave you nor forsake you. Thank you Jesus!  Join us at the church Monday thru Saturday @7PM as we conclude our 21 days of prayer.  Come expecting.