Day 10 of 21 Days of Prayer

Psalm 122:6 & Jeremiah 29:7

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” “And seek the peace of the city.” Two commands very similar, and yet, very far apart. There is an an Admonition to pray for Jerusalem, or the homeland. There is also an admonition to pray for Babylon, or in other words, the world system that so often runs contrary to Jesus. As we seek to grow in our personal walk with Christ during this season of prayer and fasting it is important that we not forget to pray for our city! Speak peace over it! Speak grace to it! Speak good of it! Speak Faith for your city! Ask God to grow in you a sincere and authentic love for your city!

*Note the promises that are coupled with these commands to pray for the city! How about it? Are you in? Let’s believe God for better in 2015!

Pastor Shane Ogle
Troy Campus Pastor