Charge Your Power Source

If we fail to reenergize our spiritual battery, we can lack the power, wisdom and effectiveness to carry out our daily lives. In this day of cell phones and other electronic wonders, I find myself always conscious to have my battery charger with me wherever I go. I know if I don’t keep these devices charged I won’t enjoy the benefits they can provide me. 

 Likewise, Jesus gave us the power supply in the Holy Spirit.  This power enables us to walk in confidence, wisdom and in the authority we have been given through Jesus Christ.  He also equips us with wisdom and discernment to face everyday life no matter what we encounter.


    Join us the first Wednesday of each month as  we reenergize       

    through the Holy Spirit at our monthly First Wednesday believers  

    meeting.  I know the Spirit of God will be present.  You owe it to   yourself

    to be there too.  Come and get your power source charged.  Acts 1:8 “But

    you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you…”