Day 18 of 21 Days of Prayer

Ezekiel 24:27

At that time your mouth will be opened; you will speak with him and will no longer be silent. So you will be a sign to them, and they will know that I am the Lord.”

Ezekiel was the prophetic word of his day. Israel had forgotten their God. The message was clear; God wanted to be known by His people. The prophet was instructed to open his mouth at a specific time. There were essentially three instructions given to Ezekiel.

1. Speak truth that sheds light in dark times.

It is our part to be salt and light in an oft’ times tasteless and dark world. The gospel is “good news”! It should be attractive and bright. Truth is always the pathway to life.

2. Peel away the facade and all that is not God.

People are looking for “real”. Fake is not in. People are looking for an authentic faith. God is big enough to use you even with your foibles. Faith rises above every limitation.

3. Seek The Lord that He might be seen and known.

When we see God, others see Him in us! We know Him, and through us, others then know Him. You’ve heard it said, “you can’t give away what you don’t have”. It is equally true, with God, that you can’t file away what you do not have! Seek Him. You will then make Him known!


Pastor Shane Ogle
Troy Campus Pastor