Day 21 of 21 Days of Prayer

2 Chronicles 20:1-25

When you read through this entire chapter, we see that there is a pattern of sequence that takes place in winning the battle that is in front of us. God is a God of order and will always give us instructions on how to be victorious. The pattern we see here is: The problem, pray, praise Him and receive God’s blessings.

When we praise Him in our troubles, we start putting our attention on how big God is and how small our circumstance is. Just like when you are in a plane and you look down at the ground – the houses and buildings look so small. So small, you feel as though you can crush them like an ant. That is how God sees our problems. When we start praising God, It positions us to receive from God.
Remember, nothing is to difficult for God. He tells us that the Battle is His and the victory is ours. Put on a CD today and praise your way to victory.

Pastor Mary Stork
Troy Assistant Campus Pastor